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After 2 months in southern Spain, we are now loading up our car with all of our things and moving on to Portugal. While we have really enjoyed our time here and the friends we have made, we don’t feel this is the place for us to stay longterm. This was no surprise to us so we did have some different scenarios in our heads. But we are now following the wind and it is, quite unforeseen, pointing us to Portugal. That is the true wonder of this trip, we are free to go wherever we want and thanks to social media it is easier to connect with other homeschooling families around the world to get a feeling of where to go.

I have never been to Portugal so it is a first for all of us except Morten. We are super excited about it and really look forward to some more beach life! The mountains are truly amazing and they have kept us well for 5 weeks but now we know for certain that we belong close to the ocean. I have lived by the sea my entire life and I don’t think I could ever thrive anywhere else, it’s like I feel trapped when I can’t see the horizon. And because our kids have lived 10 minutes from a beach most of their life, they crave it too. Besides, we absolutely love nature and even though there are potentially lots of it here it has sadly been destroyed too much by humans in many places.

When we first got here we thought a lot about everything. About homeschooling/unschooling, about where to live, how to live, income, had we done the right thing leaving Sweden and so on.

For now we have decided to trust the process.

We are enjoying each day and try not to worry too much about tomorrow. And I find that the more we let go, the more guidance we get.

We have put together a list of pros and cons for Andalusia with our homeschooling glasses on. Of course, what is a pro for us might be a con for you, so this is just our reflections after a relatively short time here.


  • The weather (obviously), loads of sunshine even in the winter!
  • Laid back culture
  • Easy access to fresh organic produce
  • Lots of homeschoolers
  • Friendly people
  • Lots of things going on (Science Center in Granada, skiing, Malaga, museums, Nerja caves, beaches, mountains, beautiful little villages, hot springs, bigger cities)
  • Worldschooling hub in La Herradura organized by the lovely Elin Morgan (Worldschooling Andalusia on Facebook)


  • The weather (hot and dry in the summer)
  • Not legal to homeschool
  • Way too crowded and overbuilt coastline
  • Too little access to nature, too much human interference
  • Animal rights are not a top priority here
  • Law enforcement present everywhere, we find it unpleasant
  • Touristy, especially the coast
  • There is a lot of trash everywhere

We hope you find these tips helpful. We are here to support you and inspire you. Choose happiness!

Take a look at our first month in Spain in pictures in this little video:

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